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Wishingforlove's Blog I'm Here , Where Are You?!
Posted by Wishingforlove on 2008-09-04 22:06:21.

You are more than welcome to come visit me -please stop by and say hello ! I'm a Wedding Planner I do Fund Raisers Supporting Our Troops, Their Families and The Wounded Warriors Organization through my company I created callerd "The Purple Clover" On Yahoo Messenger - I'm simplyblooze Why do so many men have to be so shallow? At this stage of life why do men still feel the "need" to have that YOUNG and skinny model type by their side? - oh.... the EGO! Men can't stand the idea of getting OLD!... One comment



Wishingforlove's Blog Bragging Rights Anyone?
Posted by Wishingforlove on 2008-09-04 21:57:29.

We all have something that we like to or would like to brag about.... What about you? I could start with my kids and move on to my grandkids and then there are my cats...(: My profession(s)... Theres a lot to talk about there too... Tell me what YOU want to brag about - I'm here to listen ! No comments



Wishingforlove's Blog Seeking Men Interested in A Full Figured Good Hearted Woman
Posted by Wishingforlove on 2006-11-06 07:59:10.

Being Full Figured is NOT a death warrent by any means, nor is being a single parent. Trying to find someone who is interested in getting to know you is difficult because too many stereo types have been set giving those who truely are looking and not playing a hard time. "Baggage" what an irritating word ~ For that matter who dosen't have it? at this stage in our lives we ALL have a past good bad or indifferent ~ If you are seeking a "baggage free" female... better start looking in the elementary... No comments

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