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Along with Millionaire Passions (the site you are on now), the sites listed below all focus on connecting wealthy singles with others who are interested in dating Millionaires. The sites listed below range from those focused on Millionaire Dating to others focused on Millionaire Chat. The primary goal is to connect people though. Each site, regardless of the company running it, shares many of the same characteristics as many of the other sites. So, if you are looking for a great dating site focused on Wealthy singles, then there are MANY here to choose from, so look through the ones below to find the one that seems like the best fit for you.


Millionaire Dating Connexion

Meet Rich Singles! Find Love!
If you have worked hard and you are interested in dating other singles who also have a healthy bank account, you may want to try Millionaire Dating Connexion since it is filled with like-minded wealthy singles seeking others.

Wealthy Lovers

Find Love Among Your Peers!
Wealthy Lovers is a site designed to connect singles interested in long-term relationships. With a wealth of features, the site makes it easy to connect with others online. Upgraded members can use the Advanced Search to limit results to members who make $500,000 or more a year, or to members who make $1 Million or more per year. The beauty of the site though is that you have the option to explore the features and the members prior to making any decision to join as a paid member, so join for free and have fun!

Millionaire Flirt

Browse Millionaires Looking For Someone Like You
People who think that everyone has a single soul mate are wrong. People meet other people everywhere. Move anywhere and you'll meet new people to date. So, if you are going to spend time with someone, why not spend time with someone who is financially secure and who enjoys the perks of wealth. You only live once, so why not focus your attention on wealthy singles?

Wealthy Singles

"Find Love in the Lap of Luxury!"
Wealthy Singles is a great site for singles interested in meeting other wealthy singles and top-achievers. If you are looking for a partner who can keep up financially and who can comfortably enjoy trips to exotic locations, this could be the site for you. Join to meet financially secure, wealthy singles who are seeking others who, as an example, don't bother looking at the prices on menus when they are choosing what they would like to order. This is a site for singles with private planes and yachts. If this sounds like you, join to meet others who can keep up.

Millionaire Match

"We Invented Millionaire Dating!"
Millionaire Match is the largest Millionaire dating site boasting over 4 Million members since it was launched in 2001. If you are a successful single making over $200,000 a year and you are looking for similar singles, join today! Find wealthy attractive singles seeking serious relationships, dating, romance, love and more!

Millionaire Dating Agency

"Millionaire Dating Agency Has What You Need"
Join to meet successful and wealthy men and women for dating, relationships and more! If you are looking for other financially accomplished people to date, then Millionaire Dating Agency should be a site to consider.


Wealthy Woman Dating

"Date A Wealthy Woman"
Surprise surprise, women can also be wealthy, even insanely wealthy. Whether you are a well-off woman seeking a successful partner or you are a wealthy single who is trying to weed out 'gold diggers', Wealthy Woman Dating is a site that helps to focus in on helping financially successful women find appropriate partners for dating and romance.

Date A Millionaire

"The Premier Millionaire Dating Community"
Join to begin searching through thousands of Millionaire singles. If you live a comfortable life and you are looking for others who do as well, then why spend time on sites filled with people who can barely pay the monthly site fee? Join Date A Millionaire so that you have a chance to actually find an attractive rich single worth your time and attention!

Pure Millionaire

"Find Successful People and Have Fun!"
If you are looking for an exclusive site focused on well-to-do successful singles, Pure Millionaire is that site. Enjoy being able to have conversations about the best restaurants in different cities or where you like to vacation. Basically, this is a site designed to help wealthy singles connect with other wealthy singles.

Meet Gay Millionaires

Meet Gay Millionaires Looking for Love!
One of the (many) nice things about being gay is the amount of disposable income that can build up when you don't have to deal with many of the financially draining aspects of heternormative society. Add some financial success into the mix and suddenly you find a surprising number of gay millionaires. If you are a wealthy gay man seeking others who have enjoyed the same financial success, join today and begin planning your next get-away with someone special.

Wealthy Black Dating

"The #1 Wealthy Black Community On The Net"
It should go without saying that there are an inordinately large number of wealthy black singles. As one of the fastest growing minority groups in the U.S., it is inevitable there would be semi-proportionate growth in wealth levels as well. If you are black and financially successful and you are looking for the same, try Wealthy Black Dating today!


Millionaire Single Men

Find Single Millionaire Men In Your Local Area Today!
Forget bank accounts for a moment and realize that regardless of financial success, single people seeking romance have to deal with the same issues, where, how, when, etc. Now factor in issues like avoiding 'gold diggers' when you are wealthy and it becomes more difficult for the financially successful. If you are 'well-off' and you are looking for a site designed to help connect you with other wealthy singles, Millionaire Single Men has been designed specifically for that reason. Join today to check out the members and who knows, you may just meet someone special!

Elite Singles Club

"Start Dating Elite Singles Today!"
Elite Singles Club is built for successful singles within their professions. If you are 'well-off' and you are looking for other successful singles, join today and begin meeting other like-minded elite career professionals who have done well in life.

Millionaire Singles Chat

"Chat with Single Millionaires From Around the World"
Everyone has heard the saying 'money can't buy happiness'. While the underlying concept is true, that statement is a bit misleading. There is a minumum level of money that can relieve the financial stresses of life which allows for an easier pursuit of happiness. While happiness isn't guaranteed just by having X amount of money, less stress from the security of financial success can help. If you are looking for other financially secure singles seeking fun, dating, romance and more, join today!

Meet Millionaire Women

"Meet Millionaire Women Online And Find Romance!"
A premium dating site for powerful financially successful women who are seeking other equally successful singles for dating, romance and more!

Millionaire Club Dating

"Meet Local Millionaires for Friendship, Romance, & More!"
Money can help to relieve many of the stresses in life and it can buy many of the luxuries in life. Money cannot buy love. That being said, once someone is wealthy, they do have the luxury of focusing the time they have on similiarly wealthy or successful singles, should they choose to focus on that aspect of others. If you are looking for other wealthy singles who can travel with you and generally 'enjoy the good life', this may be the site for you.


Black Wealthy Singles

"Find Successful Dates Right Now!"
Meet Black singles who share your exclusive social status and surround yourself with top-achievers who enjoy living their life to the fullest. Find other wealthy black singles looking for relationships and dating!

Meet Local Millionaires

"Meet Local Millionaires Who Are Tired of Being Alone!"
Having money doesn't automatically mean success in relationships. Depending on the person, their time may be consumed with their business, or they may find themselves attracting people who are really just after their money. For whatever reason, there are many singles millionaires who have not yet found someone special to spend their life with and they are looking. If you are wealthy and you are looking for a site to help you connect online, join today!

Wealthy Lesbian Dating

Meet Strong Wealthy Women Seeking Women
If you are lesbian and 'well-off' and looking for other successful women who enjoy the finer things in life, Wealthy Lesbian Dating could be the site for you. Join today to meet successful women seeking other successful women!

Millionaire Chat City

"Chat With Wealthy Men And Wealthy Women"
If you are wealthy and you'd like to chat with people about your life, wouldn't it be nice to be able to be open about things that most people only dream about? If you regularly vacation in the South of France and you'd like to be able to chat about it without someone rolling their eyes, this is the site for you. Enjoy conversations like the ones you have with your wealthy friends, but in this case, the conversations would be with new, potential romantic interests.

Wealthy Black Women

Meet Successful Black Women
Becoming successful can take time, a LOT of time, and that can make it difficult to find romantic partners. If you are a wealthy, successful black woman who is looking to meet others online, this site has been designed for you. Spend the free time you have on a site built to help you connect with the type of singles you want to connect with.


Black Millionaire Singles

Meet Black Millionaire Singles Ready for Dating!
If you are 'well-off' and you are interested in meeting other rich black singles, Black Millionaire Singles has been built to make it easier to connect. Join today and meet other single black millionaires looking for love!

Dating Buddies: Date A Millionaire

Focus Your Attention On Wealthy Singles
"The ideal place to meet and date high income men and women!"

Gay Millionaire Chat

"Connect With Accomplished Gay Men at Gay Millionaire Chat"
The name of the site really says it all. Whether you are a millionaire who happens to be gay or your are interested in chatting with gay millionaires, this site has been build specifically for you!

Gay Millionaire Dating

"Find The Man Of Your Dreams Today!"
Tired of always paying the bill or splitting it? Gay Millionaire Dating helps connect successful men seeking other successful men. Why not date someone who can fly off on vacation on a moments notice? Why not partner with someone who can keep up with you financially so that the relationship doesn't suffer from financial imbalance and the inevitable stresses that come from that. Join today and meet other wealthy gay men seeking men!

Meet Millionaire Men

"Find A Millionaire Man Online"
"Meet Millionaire Men Who Want a Special Woman for Romance and Dating!"


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